Year 3/4- Green Class

Meet the teacher

Mrs Gooch

Mrs Gooch teaches Green Class Monday - Thursday. Mr Gough, the Headteacher teaches Green Class on a Friday. Mrs Gooch has worked at Ringshall since September 1999! She loves teaching English and has been really enjoying reading the book 'Oliver and the Seawigs' with her class! She enjoys going to the theatre and socialising with her friends.

We are learning this term.....

We’re travelling back to 1066, probably the most famous date in English history. These are troubled times and there is danger afoot. A much loved king is dead and a French Duke has staked a claim for our kingdom. Discover a changing England, shaped by shires, protected by castles and ruled by foreign knights. Use the famous Bayeux Tapestry to explore the significant events of 1066. What happened when, and how did William of Normandy come to be called the Conqueror? Design a castle with defences strong enough to hold back the enemy. What about a space for fine dining and revelry? Try and build a happy (but safe) home. You’re the architect. Are you ready for the Norman invasion? Then don your armour and watch your back!

Information for Green Class