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One Life Suffolk - wellbeing support

Local Community Services

This document provides a useful list of well-being support services which are available in Suffolk. Included in the document are links and contact numbers which can be used to find out more about each service.

Local Community Services

Ten things fact sheets

These wonderful fact sheet give straight forward advice for a range of challenges parents have, such as supporting your child with anxiety, tips to help you child sleep and advice on dealing with challenging behaviour.


There is a huge amount of research, literature and hype around the benefits of Mindfulness. There are also a lot of misconceptions around always needing to set aside blocks of time to sit in silence, meditate and 'clear your mind'. Mindfulness can be done by sitting in silence, but also when eating, or walking; it is simply about consciously trying to be present in the moment with awareness and having choice about our thoughts rather than getting swallowed up in them.

For some interesting insight you could watch THIS conversation with Andy Puddicombe the founder 'Headspace'

For a more medical perspective you can look at the information on the NHS website or research from Harvard

There is also a good summary episode of Dr Rangan Chatterjee's Feel better live more podcast which pulls together several viewpoints on mindfulness HERE

If you are interested in giving mindfulness a go - having guided sessions is great place to start. There are lots to be found on youtube for free. There are also several apps which offer guided sessions - generally some sessions are free but you have to subscribe to access the full package. Fortunately 2 popular apps offer discounts for school staff! Take a look at Calm HERE and Headspace HERE