Curriculum Overview

The aims/vision of our curriculum

It is our aim to ensure our pupils can be positive contributors and succeed beyond Ringshall. We have worked carefully to ensure that children will leave Ringshall with the mindset, knowledge and skills to enable them to navigate their next steps both in school and in their wider communities. 

We use the Cornerstones Maestro project based curriculum to ensure all areas of history, geography, science, art and design in Technology are covered in an interesting, progressive and challenging way. Click here to find out more about the topics we will be covering in Cornerstones - Our cycle of topics. During each topic the children will cover a range of subjects. Click here to see the curriculum maps for each class. Curriculum maps.

We use Kapow for French, Music*, Computing, RE and PSHE. White Rose for Maths. For English we use a combination of CLPE's (Centre for Literacy in Primary Education) Power of reading and the Write Stuff. 

*Music in KS2 uses elements of Kapow but has been adapted for our children with the help of the Asset Education music lead to prioritise and give additional emphasis to the learning of a musical instrument (Ukulele), the appreciation of a range of musical genres and singing skills.

Curriculum drivers, values and vision

We have developed our school vision, values and  'Curriculum drivers'  to ensure our whole curriculum offer is enriched and personalised to our children and their families. Our vision, values and curriculum drivers run through everything we do, but particularly our curriculum offer. 

Our vision is - To ensure all our pupils develop a lifelong learning mindset.

Our core values are - Aim for Awesome, Be Kind, Believe.

Our curriculum drivers are - Curiosity, Celebrating Diversity, Healthy Body and Mind. 

Curriculum Reviews

Our curriculum is always under review. We constantly evaluate what the children learn and will adapt where necessary, in particular in response to contemporary events . We also have whole school enrichment events such as Science week, tree planting and author visits to add breadth to the children's learning experiences.

Class Pages

You can find more about our themes and learning in the Class pages 

Interesting fact

Did you know that every child at Ringshall Primary School gets 4 years of Ukulele instruction.