The Complete Human Strategy

What is it?

Ringshall School and Asset Education Trust are committed to putting our staff at the centre of all we do and doing all we can to improve wellbeing by supporting people's mental and physical health. The Complete Human Strategy is a plan to ensure our staff and pupils are thriving. 

on’t fall apart - we can all keep rolling until a solution is found

Think of the complete human strategy as working like a wheel....

... relationships and communication are the central hub around which everything spins, they are at the heart of making everything work, Positivity is the tyre that keeps everything going and rolling along smoothly. Time Well Spent, Expertise, Structure and Stability and Place are the spokes of the wheel which keep the wheel working properly by holding it in shape and adding strength

In a wheel, if a spoke breaks, the wheel can still work in the short term in the same way that if there is a flaw in structure and stability (for example a teacher leaves a school mid-term) then with good relationships and communication (a well oiled hub) and continued positivity (a firm and grippy tyre), actually things won’t fall apart - we can all keep rolling until a solution is found.

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