An active uniform

We at Ringshall Primary School believe uniform is important, it gives the children a sense of belonging and community. However, traditional school uniforms are restrictive and do not encourage children to be active and adventurous. We have therefore adopted an active school uniform that can be worn for class learning, PE, playtime and adventure.

School uniform can be purchased through PMG Schoolwear. Items with * below are items that are specific to our school (i.e. with the school logo). All other items can be purchased at clothing retailers and supermarkets.

Plain black trainers can be purchased at many clothing retailer and supermarkets, many are unisex but there are also styles targeted at boys or girls.

Reception, KS1 and KS2

White collared polo shirt - plain white or with the school logo.*

Blue school cardigan or jumper with the school logo.*

Plain black active wear - skort, shorts or jogging bottoms.

Plain black, grey or white socks or tights.

Plain Black trainers or pumps with black soles - the whole trainer needs to be black.

PE Kit

Children will wear their active uniform for PE. 

No separate PE is needed.

Why an active uniform

An active uniform reduces obesity and poor physical health through the promotion of an active, playful and healthy lifestyle. It promotes better mental health by freeing children up to be children and to play and be more active throughout the whole day. And finally, it saves families money as it is cheap to buy and negates the need for a separate PE kit. 

The idea came out of a playground activity research project involving the headteachers' former school and the University of Essex. Dr Caroline Angus (the sports scientist leading the study) concluded, following the study, that if children wore PE kit all day rather than wearing their restrictive uniform, then activity would go up during playtime and that would benefit the children's physical and mental health. The idea for an active uniform was born.