Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday Overview

We believe that it was important to dedicate a day each week to wellbeing.

To learn and function well we need a healthy body and mind. If we do not first support our children and staff to be happy and healthy then we cannot hope to achieve all we want in terms of academic achievement and excellence. Therefore a focus on wellbeing has been placed at the heart of Ringshall’s vision of achieving a ‘learning mindset for all.’ 

Furthermore, a ‘Healthy Body and a Healthy Mind’ is one of our curriculum drivers and as such is already interwoven throughout everything we do. So having a day where we really focus on well-being, we feel, really cements well-being's prominent role within the fundamental make-up of what makes this school special.

Essentially Mindful Monday involves various activities that help us focus on a ‘Healthy Body and Health Mind.’ Such as the daily mile, a mindful minute, connecting with nature, outdoor learning, a Lyfta empathy assembly and tips, debating and opportunities for pupil voice.

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Wellbeing Tips