Free Bus Pass to School

Free Bus pass for families living on or around Wattisham Flying station

After a long running battle with the Council, Ringshall school have had confirmation that all children living in and around Wattisham Flying Station will be granted a bus pass if they claim on ‘safety of the route’ grounds.

In other words all children living in or around Wattisham Flying Station can now claim a guaranteed bus pass.

This means that the uncertainty around receiving a bus pass if you live on or around the base and choose to attend your local primary school (Ringshall) has been removed. 

To get the bus pass you must apply for your bus pass on ‘safety of the route’ grounds. If you do not do this it will probably be turned down.

Parents/Carers are required to opt in for transport as soon as possible so that students can be assessed based on their individual entitlement to transport. They also need to renew their application each year. A link to the opt in application is below: