Success in school is first and foremost about turning up! Children who come to school more always do better. Please see The School Day page for timings. Don't be late!

First day calling and notification of absence:

The school has in place a system of first day calling. This means that parents will be telephoned on the first day a pupil is absent with no explanation, to establish a reason for absence.

If your child is going to be unexpectedly absent from school, please telephone the school office on 01473 658307 early on the day, informing the reason for absence. Alternatively you could send an email to

Requests for non-attendance:

If you are planning on a term time holiday, please arrange to speak with Ms Devereux in the first instance and then collect a leave of absence form from the main office, giving where possible at least three weeks notice. Please note, you may be asked to supply evidence to support your request. If you are from a military family you will also need the approval of your commanding officer.

EWO involvement:

Where there is an emerging pattern of a pupil's absence, the school will invite parents to a meeting to discuss the reasons for absences. Support may be offered or put in place in order to improve a pupil's attendance. If there continues to be unauthorised absences, the matter will be referred to the Education Welfare Officer (EWO). At Ringshall, referrals to the EWO service may occur after six continuous sessions of unauthorised absence (three school days) or where we have identified a set pattern of unauthorised absences totalling six sessions (for example, consistently missing school on a Friday for three weeks running).