School lunches

See below for the current menus.

Our lunches are freshly prepared on site by our own chef manager. 

Every day there is a baked potato, topping and salad option. There are also two hot options and a 'pick and mix' option which includes sandwiches, fruit juice, salad pots and a dessert (e.g. yoghurt, fruit, shortbread biscuits).

There are always staff on hand to help children eat their meals, make healthy choices, and support good behaviour and manners. 

Packed lunches

We have a 'healthy snacks' policy and this also extends to lunches brought in from home. We recommend that lunches are made up of the following kind of foods. 

If we are concerned about the lunches a child brings in we will contact the child's parents. 

Our school lunches do meet food school standards so they are guaranteed to contain the right nutritional balance. We would always recommend school lunches - these are a good, healthy option!

Our current lunch menu