Our Curriculum drivers

What is a Curriculum Driver?

A personal growth model of teaching and learning to develop mindset, skills and knowledge underpins our curriculum. Our curriculum drivers give focus to our teaching and learning outcomes.

We believe that our children deserve and need us to provide more than just the National Curriculum. Life has so much more to offer and our children have so much more to learn and experience. With this in mind we prioritise the things we want our children to experience during their time with us. We use these 'drivers' to underpin the development work we undertake in all areas of school life and to ensure our curriculum offer is enriched and personalised to our children and their families. 

Our Drivers


We believe that developing a 'curious' Mindset is essential in helping our children to become lifelong learners. At Ringshall we want our children to 'believe' in themselves and always 'aim for awesome.' 

Celebrating Diversity

We are a rural school drawing children from the nearby villages with a small majority from the Wattisham military base. We have children from numerous cultures and ethnic origins and who speak different languages as well as children who have lived their entire lives in rural Suffolk. Our curriculum is designed and written to reflect the global community we serve. We challenge stereotypes and are committed to promoting equal opportunities.

Healthy body/Healthy mind

It is important to us that all members of our school community are healthy - physically and mentally. Throughout their lives, our children will face many difficult challenges and changes; they will need to have the mental and physical resilience to be successful and happy.

We use outdoor learning to develop environmental awareness and an understanding of the world, teamwork and to provide the children with the physical and mental benefits of learning outdoors. 

Social and emotional mental health is a key area of need for many of our children as they deal with the often sudden changes in their lives. Spending time in the outdoors, learning to appreciate nature, whilst working alongside their peers on activities linked to the curriculum experienced in the classroom, is beneficial to their wellbeing.