Our staff

Ms Tania Devereux


Designated Safeguarding Lead / Prevent Lead

CLA Lead

Assessment Lead

Educational Visits Co-ordinator

Subject Lead - RE, MFL, Design Technology

Assistant Head Teacher

Assistant Designated Safeguarding Lead

Subject Lead - English

Green Class Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Lucy Finch

Senior Leadership Team

Yellow Class Teacher Year 2


Subject Lead - Maths and STEM

Mrs Danielle Norman

Senior Teacher

Reception (Red) Class Teacher


e-safety Lead

Subject Lead PE

Mrs Scarlett Anstee-Parry

Reception (Red) Class Teacher

(Friday and Monday)

Miss Fiona Parker

Orange Class Teacher Year 1

Assessment manager

Subject lead: Music, Science, STEM

Mrs Joanne Forrest

Blue Class Teacher Year 4

Subject lead- Computing and History

Mrs Helen Cape

Violet Class Teacher Year 5 & 6

Subject Lead

Mrs Janine Johannessen

Business Manager

Mrs Sarah Stones

Office manager

Mrs Di Meldrum

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Nurture Lead

Mrs Amanda Jones

Learning Support Assistant


Mrs Rachel Ashmore

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Christina Ward

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Sandy Steer

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Janet Shann

Mid Day Supervisor

Mrs Kelly Cullum

Mid Day Supervisor

Mrs Helen Bugg

Class Teacher

Year 1 Fridays

Ms Isabella Nichols