Our staff

Mr Gough


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Pupil Premium

Educational Visits Coordinator

Subject Lead - RE/Computing 

Mental Health/Trauma Informed/MyHappyMind lead

Complete Human Strategy lead

Mrs Gooch

Assistant Head Teacher

Assistant Designated Safeguarding Lead

Subject Lead - PSHE/RSE, English, reading, oracy and handwriting lead

Green Class (Year 3) Teacher

Mrs Finch

Year 3 teacher - Thursday and Friday

Subject Lead - History and Geography

Miss Margetson

Reception (Red) Class Teacher

ECT year 2

School Council Leader

Mrs Parker

Orange Class Teacher - Year 1 and 2

Phonics lead

Subject lead: Creative Arts (Art, Design and Technology and Music)

EYFS lead - ECT mentor.

Mrs Forrest

Blue Class Teacher - Year 4

Eco-Council Leader

Maths and Science lead

Mrs Cape

Violet Class Teacher -  Year  6


MFL Lead

Mrs Johannessen

Business Manager 

Mrs Stones

Office manager

Attendance Lead

Mrs Meldrum

Higher Level Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Jones

Learning Support Assistant


Mrs Ashmore

Learning Support Assistant

Nurture lead

Mrs Ward

Office assistant

Training lead

Mental Health First Aider

Mrs Steer

Learning Support Assistant

School Reading Advocate

First Aid Lead


Mrs Naivunivuni 

Apprentice Learning Support Assistant

School Pianist 

Miss Hawes

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Godwin

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Cullum

LSA and Mid Day Supervisor 

Ms Nichols

Cleaner and friend to all

Dave Smith

Site Manager

Sarah Draper

Learning Support Assistant and School tutor

PE Lead

Jessica Stokes 

LSA and Mid Day Supervisor